The Income Organizer - FAQs

Being financially organized allows you freedom and takes away money stress.

  • No more guilty spending
  • Have money to pay your bills on time
  • Reduce money issues with spouse
  • Have a brighter financial future
  • Stops the paycheck → paycheck cycle
  • Allows you to build your bank account balance
  • Creates more room for daily happiness in general

Trying to build your credit via debt can actually ruin credit! We will start where you're at with credit and then work on it from there.

It usually takes 3-6 months to feel confident with your new plan. It will feel very natural to you after you've done it for a year.

I will help you make that decision during our free consultation, but here are a few questions to ask yourself for now.

  • Am I ready to let go of my old way of managing money, and be open to new ideas?
  • Am I ready to commit extra time to work through the learning curve?
  • Am I ready to apply what I learn even though I'm not sure if it will work?
  • Am I ready to stop living paycheck → paycheck finally?

I completely understand this since almost every client is in the same position, and it's all the more reason to learn how to get organized! During the free consultation, I will help you figure out how to find the money to pay for this valuable education you will use for the rest of your life.

Of course! Some spouses need to see progress before they'll actually jump on board. Our ultimate goal would be for the two of you to eventually become a team, and work on your financial future together!

Every situation is different for everyone when it comes to their unique numbers, but the issues with money tend to be the same. My husband and I had money issues the first 25 years of marriage and we knew it wouldn't change until we changed something. Based on experience, I recognize what needs to be fixed and how to fix it because I've been there personally, and with the clients I've worked with.

Yes! This has happened with my clients over & over again, and sometimes it can happen fairly quickly. The whole idea behind what I do is to teach people how to find value in what they buy. It's the same for almost any education you invest in. Eventually, it should pay for itself. Your investment in this financial education is no different.

No. All I do is teach my clients how to organize their income so they can live stress-free financial lives. Did you know that if you are in control of your money, other areas in your life can become stress-free as well? Money impacts us in so many ways!

Yes. It may take us a few extra sessions, but we can do that right along with organizing your personal income.

A lot of people have done what you've done, including me. There will be no judgment here!

Yes. I have found with some clients that I'm the only one they feel they can trust and open up to about this delicate topic.

  • Get bills organized
  • Create a budget that WORKS
  • Find new income motivation
  • Get caught up & get ahead with bills you may be behind on
  • Save up for any large expenses coming up soon
  • Save a small lump sum of money for small emergencies
  • Save a month's worth of income
  • Pay off debt
  • Save a large lump sum of money for bigger emergencies
  • Contribute to retirement & children's college
  • Pay off mortgage or save for a down payment
  • Invest, donate, or start a small business!


  • She’s been there and she knows how to fix it
  • Makes the difficult money conversation easier to talk about
  • Teaches lifelong money skills in layman’s terms
  • Won’t judge you regardless of your financial situation
  • Doesn’t sell insurance or investments
  • Points out things your friends & family won’t
  • Helps with the emotions that come from money issues
  • She succeeds when you do
  • Same price for household & small business budgets
  • Won’t nickel & dime you

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