How would it feel to . . .

… Be free of all debt?

… Not struggle with money?

… Not care when payday is?

… Always have extra money?

… No longer live paycheck to paycheck?

… Calmly talk to your spouse about money?

… Spend money without guilt or reservation?

… Save up money for purchases instead of using credit?

… Be a young adult on the right track with money early in life?

… Understand why a bigger paycheck will not solve money issues?

… Be content with your financial future, even if it's a week from now?

… Be stress-free at work because you have no personal money issues?

… Buy a gift without feeling you will be short somewhere else if you do?

… Have the money available when a large bill comes that you forgot about?

… Have one month of expenses saved so you can live on last month’s income?

… Feel confident in knowing you spend and save money the best ways possible?

… Never dread the first of the month again because the rent or mortgage is due?

… Be stress-free financially when something goes wrong that will cost you money?

… Know exactly where all of your money goes each week, each month, and each year?

… Be a small business owner that never struggles to pay everything, including yourself?

If you would like to get your income organized for your household and/or small business, contact me today for a complimentary, no-pressure consultation. There IS a better way.

The Income Organizer

Melinda Mackie / Former Money Waster

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Melinda is organized, professional and honest. She has hands-on tools and strategies that help with the day-to-day financial planning and decision that need to be made to make good financial decisions. Melinda is extremely knowledgeable and is a good communicator, making her an excellent teacher. Highly recommend!

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  • She’s been there and she knows how to fix it
  • Makes the difficult money conversation easier to talk about
  • Teaches lifelong money skills in layman’s terms
  • Won’t judge you regardless of your financial situation
  • Doesn’t sell insurance or investments
  • Points out things your friends & family won’t
  • Helps with the emotions that come from money issues
  • She succeeds when you do
  • Same price for household & small business budgets
  • Won’t nickel & dime you

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